Tiffany name means appearance of God

tiffany Tiffany Local Origin of Name: English From the Greek name Tiffany Variant name of Teffan, Teffania, Teffany, Tephania, Teph’na, Theffanie, Theophanes, Theophania, Theophano, Thiphania, Tiffan, Tiffani, Tiffania, Tiffanie, Tiffanni, Tiphaine, Tiphanie, Tiphina, Tyffayne Meaning: ‘Theophania’ (‘appearance of God’) Emotional Spectrum • Up front and honest Personal Integrity • She conforms to higher standards than most! Personality • A light heart lives long… a smile overcomes all. Relationships • Makes friends easily, but keeps her eyes open! Travel & Leisure • Travel is best enjoyed with her friends. Career & Money • Early career moves help form this natural leader. Life’s Opportunities • Her ambition will serve her well. ” When I am afraid, I will trust in You. ” Created By

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