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Meaning of the English boy name Osborn is God’s warrior

Local Origin of Name: English
From the Old English name Osborn
Variant name of Osbourne, Osburn

Osborn is First and Last name

Meaning: God Bear or God’s warrior

Emotional Spectrum • You know where you stand with Osborn.
Personal Integrity • His honor is well-known among his friends.
Personality • Doesn’t rush, but gets there.
Relationships • While crowds are fun, he needs his alone time.
Travel & Leisure • A person well-suited to new lands and new faces.
Career & Money • Early school tutoring will help Osborn blossom.
Life’s Opportunities • He must guard against deals that appear too-good-to-be-true

Osborn’s Lucky Numbers: 17 • 25 • 7 • 2 • 10 • 43


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