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Meaning of the Bulgarian name Ognyan is Fire

Meaning of the Bulgarian name Ognyan is Fire

Local Origin of Name: Bulgarian
From the name Ognyan
Ognyan is First and Last name

Meaning: Fire of Fiery

Emotional Spectrum • Under that exterior beats a free spirit!
Personal Integrity • His integrity is his most precious possession.
Personality • A penny saved is a penny earned.
Relationships • People who know Ognyan want to be his friend.
Travel & Leisure • Likes to share his adventures.
Career & Money • With the right help, he will choose the best career.
Life’s Opportunities • A person who welcomes new technology, Ognyan will go far.

Ognyan’s Lucky Numbers: 41 • 32 • 8 • 40 • 33 • 29


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