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Meaning of the Italian female name Ornella

Meaning of the Italian female name Ornella

Local Origin of Name: Italian
From the name Ornella.
Ornello is male form of Ornella.

Meaning: Flowering Ash tree

Emotional Spectrum • Peaceful on the outside, yet churning emotions on the inside.
Personal Integrity • Fidelity is Ornella’s middle name.
Personality • Her smile is contagious.
Relationships • Not many people are as giving as Ornella.
Travel & Leisure • Can be packed and ready on a moment’s notice!
Career & Money • Money spent on school will be well spent.
Life’s Opportunities • Tried and true, but welcomes new innovations.

Ornella’s Lucky Numbers: 21 • 29 • 50 • 17 • 45 • 6


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