Tag: antonia is spanish female name means priceless

Antonia is Spanish female name means Priceless

Antonia is Spanish female name means Priceless

Local Origin of Name: Spanish

From the name Antonia

Meaning:    Priceless. Female form of Anthony

Emotional Spectrum • When she is happy, everyone knows it!

Personal Integrity • Her honor is well-known among her friends.

Personality • She can keep her sense and nonsense separated.

Relationships • Gives a lot, but expects a lot from friends.

Travel & Leisure • Who better to travel with than Asnonia?

Career & Money • She has an important friend and ally in the business world.

Life’s Opportunities • A person who welcomes new technology, Asnonia  will go far.

Astonia’s Lucky Numbers:    58 • 19 • 7 • 52 • 5 • 16

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