Saga name means fairytale in Fininish

Saga Local Origin of Name: From the name Saga Meaning: Glorious, Fairytale¬† The sagas (from Icelandic saga, ), are stories about ancient Scandinavian and Germanic history, about early Viking voyages, about migration to Iceland, and of feuds between Icelandic families. They were written in the Old Norse language, mainly in Iceland. Emotional Spectrum. You wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of Saga. Personal Integrity. No one is more worthy of trust. Personality. Not happy unless she is helping someone in need. Relationships. Starts slowly, but a relationship with Saga builds over time. Travel & Leisure. A fondness for the mountains will emerge. Career & Money. The example of parents plays a major role in career choice. Life’s Opportunities. Although shy in the spotlight, fame is destined! Saga’s Lucky Numbers:33. 56. 16. 3. 57. 12

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