Radmilla name means work for the people


Local Origin of Name: Italian,Czech From the Slavic name Radmilla Meaning: ‘Works for the people’ Emotional Spectrum • Peaceful on the outside, yet churning emotions on the inside. Personal Integrity • Friends know that Radmilla can be called on in a crisis. Personality • Patience and understanding are her greatest gifts. Relationships • Some of Radmilla’s friends are just like her. Travel & Leisure • Knows how to relax in style! Career & Money • A gifted child, Radmilla will need to be challenged constantly. Life’s Opportunities • Not a wheeler-dealer, Radmilla examines business deals carefully. Radmilla’s Lucky Numbers: 56 • 39 • 53 • 17 • 20 • 31 Created by Firstnamestore.com

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