Palti name means my deliverance


Palti name means my deliverance
Palti (or Paltiel), son of Laish, who was from Gallim, was the second husband of Michal, Saul’s daughter
Local Origin of Name: Hebrew
From the name Palti
Meaning: My Deliverance
Emotional Spectrum A calm exterior, and yet…
Personal Integrity He would never endanger his honor.
Personality Deeply religious, Palti’s faith will be his cornerstone.
Relationships Friends have often told him how much they like him.
Travel & Leisure Vacations are a time of special excitement for Palti.
Career & Money A born leader, he will be drawn into the limelight!
Life’s Opportunities Although shy in the spotlight, fame is destined!
Palti’s Lucky Numbers: 32 .8 27 21 30 9
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