Nicholai name means victory of the people

Nicholai_001 Nicholai name means victory of the people Local Origin of Name: slavic From the name Nicholai, , Kolya Meaning: Victory Of the People Emotional Spectrum . Quiet moments help balance this usually outgoing person. Personal Integrity . A sincere person, no one doubts Nicholai. Personality . Always on the ball. Relationships . A people person, he does not like to be alone. Travel & Leisure . A unique hobby will occupy his time. Career & Money . Self-taught skills will help Nicholai. Life’s Opportunities . Open to suggestions, his innovative spirit will lead the way. Nicholai’s Lucky Numbers: 7 . 58 . 8 . 39 . 32 . 10Please Visit Have a Good”>O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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