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Natasza Urbańska (born August 17, 1977) is a Polish actress, singer, dancer, and TV presenter.Born on August 17, 1977.

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Year Title Role
1997 Sztos dziewczyna w restauracji “Baron”
2005–2007 Fala zbrodni Silene Arbekajte-Nawrocka
2011 Battle of Warsaw 1920 Ola Raniewska


Natasza Urbańska258

2008: Balkanika – Balkan Koncept
2009: Hity Buffo vol. 1 – Natasza Urbanska
2014: One
2015: “Hipnotyzuj mnie”.
2014: “Escamillo”.
2014: “Rolowanie”.

2013: “Muszę odejść”.
2011: “All The Wrong Places”
2010: “Here I Am”
2010: “Listen To My Radio”.
2010: “Love Stone Crazy”.
2009: “Mała”.
2008: “Już nie zapomnisz mnie”.
2008: “Blow over”.
2008: “Wierne Róże”.
2008: “Rozbaw Mnie”.
2007: “I Like It Loud”.

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Natasza Urbańska participated in the 10th season of Polish Dancing with the Stars – Taniec z Gwiazdami. She has the highest average score in history of the show – 39.18 out of 40 and the most perfect scores – 11 out of her 17 dances got 40 points.

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