Mia name means bitter as Maria

mia1 Mia Local Origin of Name: English From the Hebrew name Miriam Meaning: (Miryam), ‘Bitterness’, ‘rebellion’, ‘wished-for child’, Exodus 15:20 Emotional Spectrum . The seasons affect her emotions more than most. Personal Integrity . Moral backbone is the hallmark of Mia. Personality . A person who enjoys the present. Relationships . A bond formed with her may last a lifetime. Travel & Leisure . A lifetime of travel is her destiny. Career & Money . While there may be obstacles, Mia will overcome! Life’s Opportunities . The entrepreneur spirit in her is strong. Mia’s Lucky Numbers:10 . 34 . 12 . 55 . 20 . 59 Mia┬áis a popular name for girls in England, the United States and Germany, the Philippines, as well as other countries. Mia was in the top 10 names for baby girls in Germany in 2006. It is a pet name for Maria, Amelia, Emilia and Amalia.

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