Meaning of the Lubert Surname is Holy

Meaning of the Lubert Surname is Holy

Meaning of the Lubert Surname is Holy

The associated coat of arms for this name are recorded in J.B Rietstaps Armorial General. Illustrated by V
& H.V Rolland’s. This Monumental work took 23 years to complete and 85,000 coats of Arms are included in this work. This surname of LUBERT is the Low German form of the given name LEOPOLD and LUBRECHT, a personal name composed of the elements LIUT (people, tribe) + BERHT (bright, famous). The name has numerous spellings which include LUBBOCK, LUBITSCH, LUPPE, LUBKE, LUBBING, LUBKIN, LUBKEN, LEIPRICHT, LEUPRECHT, LUBBERT, LUBBERS, LUPPERTZ and LUBERDING. Because of the close relationship between the English and German languages, some Germans are able to transform their names to the English form just by dropping a single letter. Many Germans have re-spelt their names in America. A great number of immigrants from Germany settled in Pennsylvania. After the start of the first World War, Germans in great numbers Anglicized their names in an effort to remove all doubt as to their patriotism. Afterwards some changed back, and then during World War II the problem became acute once more, and the changing started all over again, although not with as much intensity. A notable member of the name was Percy LUBBOCK (1879-1965) the English critic and biographer. He was librarian of Magdalene College, Cambridge from 1906 until 1908, and among his writings are ‘The Craft of Fiction’ (1921) and a studyof Pepys (1909). Another member of the name was Ernst LUBITSCH (1892-
1947) the German-born American film director, born in Berlin. A teenage star in a theatre company, he then starred as ‘Meyer’ in a popular slapstick series before beginning his directorial career. A specialist in comedies and costume epics, he was invited to Hollywood by Mary Pickford, whom he directed in ‘Rosita’ (1932). He stayed to become an acknowledged master of light, sophisticated sex comedies, a mixture of wit and elegance. His films include ‘The Love Parade’ (1929) and ‘Heaven Can Wait’ (1943). He became an American citizen in 1936. Rudolf Franz Marie LUBBERS, born in 1939, was the Dutch politician. After graduating from Erasmus University at Rotterdam, he joined the family engineering business of LUBBERS Hollandia. He made rapid progress after entering politics, becoming minister of economic affairs in 1973, and, at the age of 43, prime minister in 1982, leading a Christian Democratic Appeal coalition.

ARMS – Gules an arm in fess argent holding a dagger erect proper on a chief azure on a terrace or two greyhounds courant argent


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