Meaning of name Laima

Meaning of name Laima

Meaning of name Laima

Local Origin of Name: Lithuanian
From the name Laima
Laima is a Latvian and Lithuanian female given name, which means “luck” or “beginning”. Laima is the goddess of fate and birth in Baltic mythologies.

Meaning: Luck or Goddess of fate and birth

Emotional Spectrum • Somewhat headstrong, she must guard against impulse.
Personal Integrity • People know her for her good name.
Personality • Sunny skies make her disposition sunny!
Relationships • If people were more like her, friends would come easily.
Travel & Leisure • Adventuresome in spirit, always on the move.
Career & Money • A career in retail management would suit her.
Life’s Opportunities • Not a wheeler-dealer, Laima examines business deals carefully.

Laima’s Lucky Numbers: 21 • 11 • 7 • 25 • 29 • 36

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