Meaning of name Abigail

Meaning of name Abigail

Meaning of name Abigail

Local Origin  of  Name:  English

From the Hebrew name  Abigail

Meaning:  ‘My  father rejoices’

Emotional Spectrum  .Even tempered, most of  the time! Personal Integrity

.Parents of  Abigail  brought her up on firm moral  ground.

Personality .Keep smiling,  it makes everyone wonder what  you’ve been up to.

Relationships .If people  were more  like her,  friends would come  easily.

Travel & Leisure .Relaxing  is an art-form to her. Career & Money .Not  one to stay home,  Abigail  will discover world  travel. Life’s Opportunities .Nothing is impossible for her,  given the right educational tools. Abigail’s Lucky Numbers:  38 .47  .28  .16 .45  .23 Abigail ; “her Father’s joy” or “fountain of joy”, spelt Abigal in 2 Samuel 3:3) was the wife of Nabal, who became a wife of David after Nabal’s death (1 Samuel 25).

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