Lily name means lily flower

lily1 Lily Local Origin of Name: English From the Latin name Lily Variant name of : ,Lilly,Lili, Liliane,Lile,Lileas,Lilita,Lilja Meaning:  ‘Lilium’; a flower Emotional Spectrum .Not known to express her emotions openly. Personal Integrity .Lily is the height of respectability. Personality .The world looks brighter behind a smile. Relationships .Many people will find her their best friend. Travel & Leisure .Likes primitive travel by day, but comfort at night! Career & Money .A born politician, a career in public service awaits! Life’s Opportunities .Volunteer work with charities may be rewarding for her. Lily’s Lucky Numbers: 48 .9 .45 .16 .6 .13 Lily is the common English name for plants of the Lilium (genus) or Liliaceae (family).  

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