Levana name means moon or white Nehemiah 7:48 in Hebrew


levana_001Local Origin of Name: Hebrew/Israeli From the Hebrew name Levana

Meaning: ‘Moon’ or ‘white’ Nehemiah 7:48 Emotional Spectrum • A swirl of conflicting emotions, Levana, is a complicated person. Personal Integrity • In a world of deceit, Levana stands for truth and integrity. Personality • All feel the effects of true courtesy. Relationships • The romance department is key to her happiness. Travel & Leisure • The intrigue of foreign travel lures her. Career & Money • Second only to her friends, her career is most important. Life’s Opportunities • Nothing is impossible for Levana, given the right educational tools. Levana’s Lucky Numbers: 9 • 45 • 47 • 56 • 12 • 5 Created by Firstnamestore.com

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