Juliette name means young

rp_juliette_pagenumber.001.png Juliette name means young Local Origin of Name: French From the Latin name Julius Meaning: ‘young , soft, supple hair’ Emotional Spectrum .Work hard, play hard. Personal Integrity .A trusted individual by everyone. Personality .To be useful is her greatest virtue. Relationships .Not many people are as giving as Juliette. Travel & Leisure .Eat, drink and be merry – play hard! Career & Money .Education is the key to Juliette’s career path. Life’s Opportunities .Joy and happiness await this blessed person. Juliette’s Lucky Numbers: 54 .42 .39 .53 .18 .29 Please Visit https://www.facebook.com/mensname/ Have a Good daywww.nydob.com/category/alphabet-3/alphabetl-p/o/”>O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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