Issur name means soldier of God

Issur name means soldier of God

Local Origin of Name: Yiddish
From the name Issur,
Variant name of Isser, Yisrael.

Meaning: God prevails or Soldier of God

Emotional Spectrum • A built-in steam valve keeps the heat down!
Personal Integrity • Friends know that Issur can keep a secret.
Personality • Fresh as a drop of rain.
Relationships • His friends will stand with him through thick and thin.
Travel & Leisure • Adventuresome in spirit, always on the move.
Career & Money • He has an important friend and ally in the business world.
Life’s Opportunities • A naturally intelligent person, academia is his playground.

Issur’s Lucky Numbers: 44 • 27 • 1 • 16 • 35 • 28

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