India or Hindu Girl’s popular name start W


Name•  Meaning
Wafa•  Faithfulness; Loyalty
Wali•  Protector
Wini•  Winer
Wamil•  Beautiful
Warda•  Rose; Guardian
Wendy•  Friend; Literary; Wends; Vandals; Fence; Enclosure; Protection; White and Smooth; Soft; Fair Bow
Widad•  Love; Friendship
Wimal•  Trust
Wisah•  Trust; Faith
Wisal•  Communion in Love; Love
Wishi•  Fulfill Wish
Worda•  Rose
Writu•  Season
Wafiya•  Loyal; Faithful
Wahida•  Beautiful; Peerless; Unique; Sole; Single; One
Wamika•  Goddess Durga
Wardah•  Rose
Wateeb•  Heart
Wichar•  Reflection on God
Wijdan•  Ecstasy; Sentiment
Winoma•tell us about your name meaning
Wisaal•  Communion in Love
Wisekh•  Excellent; Abundant
Wubitu•  Beautiful
Wafeeqa•  Successful
Wafiqah•  Successful
Waheeda•  Beautiful; Sole; Single
Wahibah•  Giver; Donor
Wahidah•  Unique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive
Wajeeha•  Eminent; Distinguished
Wajihah•  Eminent; Distinguished
Wakeeta•  Beautiful Flower
Walidah•  Newly Born
Willona•tell us about your name meaning
Wriddhi•  Achievement
Wafiyyah•  Loyal; Faithful
Wendywee•tell us about your name meaning
Womayaal•tell us about your name meaning

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