India or Hindu Girls popular name start C3


Name•  Meaning
Charusila•  Beautiful Jewel
Charvitha•  Clever; Beautiful Woman
Chayanika•  The Chosen One
Chaytrika•  Very Clever
Chellamma• tell us your name meaning
Chenbagam• tell us your name meaning
Cherishya• tell us your name meaning
Chetishta• tell us your name meaning
Chinmayee•  Blissful
Chinnamal•  Little Girl
Chinthana• tell us your name meaning
Chithirai•  Name of the First Tamil Month
Chitrangi•  With a Charming Body
Chitrasri•  With Divine Beauty
Chitrathi•  A Bright Chariot
Chitrvati•  Decorated
Chloe-may•  Green Shoot; Month of May; Princess
Chorselvi•  Person with Wealth of Words; Eloquent Woman
Chretheka•  A Star
Chrisitta• tell us your name meaning
Christina•  Anointed; Anointed Christian; Form of Christopher; Christ-bearer; Beautiful Christian
Christine•  Follower of Christ; Beautiful Christian; Christian Faith
Chudamani•  A Jewel Worn on Head
ChudarOli•  Brilliant
Chupunika• tell us your name meaning
Candamunda• tell us your name meaning
Candradara• tell us your name meaning
Candrakala• tell us your name meaning
Candramasi• tell us your name meaning
Candrasita•  Moon Light
Carudharar• tell us your name meaning
Catuskarni• tell us your name meaning
Catuspatha• tell us your name meaning
Chaadhurya•  Cleaver
Chaamundee• tell us your name meaning
Chaandanee• tell us your name meaning
Chaddalika• tell us your name meaning
Chairavali•  Full Moon of Chaitra Month
Chaitaalee• tell us your name meaning
Chaithanya•  Active Girl; Divine Radiance
Champabati•  The Capital
Champakali•  A Bud of Champa
Champavati•  Owner of Champak Tree
Chandalini•  Glorious
Chandanika•  Diminutive
Chandhraka•  Moon
Chandraane•  Wife of the Moon God
Chandrabha•  Moon Light
Chandrakin•  A Peacock
Chandranee•  Moon’s Wife
Chandrayai•  Goddess Luxmi
Chandreyee•  Moon’s Daughter
Charanjeet•  Winning the Service of Guru’s Lotus Feet
Charchikaa• tell us your name meaning
Charukeshi•  One with Beautiful Hair
Charulekha•  Beautiful Picture
Charumatee•  Beautiful
Charumathi•  Beautiful Mind
Charunetra•  One with Beautiful Eyes
Charuroopa•  Extremely Pretty
Charushila•  A Diamond
Charushree•  Peace; Beautiful
Charusmita•  One with a Beautiful Smile
Charuvrata• tell us your name meaning
Charvangee• tell us your name meaning
Charvisree•  Beautiful Lady
Chathurika•  Clever Girl
Chellakili• tell us your name meaning
Chellamani•  Precious Gem
Chellamari• tell us your name meaning
Chellammal•  Precious Girl
Chetayitri• tell us your name meaning
Chindamani• tell us your name meaning
Chinnakili• tell us your name meaning
Chinnamani•  Little Gem
Chinnambal• tell us your name meaning
Chintamani•  Philosopher’s Stone
Chintanika•  Meditation
Chirantana•  Long Life
Chirapathi•  Mother of Madhavi
Chithrangi• tell us your name meaning
Chitrabala• tell us your name meaning
Chitradevi•  A Creeper
Chitrakala•  Arts of Eternal Knowledge
Chitrakesi•  Having Wonderful Hair
Chitrakshi•  Colourful Eyes
Chitralata•  Wonderfulvine
Chitramala•  Series of Pictures
Chitramaya•  Worldly Illusion
Chitramayi•  Full of Wonders
Chitrambal• tell us your name meaning
Chitrangda•  River Ganga
Chitranshi•  Nice
Chitrarati•  Granter of a Excellent Gift
Chitrasena•  With a Bright Spear
Chitrashri•  One with Divine Beauty
Chodayitri• tell us your name meaning
Cholaimani•  Garden Gem
Chubashini• tell us your name meaning
Chudaamani•  Crest Jewel
Citrangada• tell us your name meaning
Citrarathi• tell us your name meaning
Champakalee•  Bud of Yellow Fragrant Flower
Champakmala•  A Garland Made of Champa Flowers
Chandrabali•  Moonlit; Krishna’s Girlfriend
Chandrahasa•  With a Beautiful Smile
Chandrakala•  Beams of the Moon
Chandrakali•  Progressive; A Digit of the Moon
Chandraleka• tell us your name meaning
Chandramani•  Moonstone; Jewel
Chandramati•  As Beautiful as the Moon
Chandraruba•  Goddess Laxmi
Chandrashri•  Moon Like Face
Chandratara•  The Moon and the Stars Conjoined
Chandrateja•  Bright as Moon
Chandravali•  Brindavan Friend of Radha
Chandravati•  Lit by the Moon; Brilliant
Charanpreet•  One who Loves the Lord’s Lotus Feet
Charuchitra•  Beautiful Picture
Charunetraa•  With Beautiful Eyes
Charuprabha•  Beautiful
Charusheela•  A Jewel
Chaturvidha• tell us your name meaning
Chintaamani•  A Gem
Chitrajyoti•  Wonderfully Glorious
Chitralekha•  As Beautiful as a Picture; Beautiful Design; A Celestial Maiden; Painting
Chitrangada•  Name of Arjun’s Wife
Chitrangdae•  Arjun’s Wife
Chitrarathi•  With a Bright Chariot
Chitrarekha•  Picture
Chitrashila•  Of Strong Character
Choodaamani•  A Jewel Worn on Head
Champaavatee•  Angaraj’s Karna’s Capital
Champamalini•  Garland of Champa Flower
Chandaalikaa•  Another Name of Durga
Chandrabhaga•  River Chenab in India
Chandrabindu•  Crescent Moon
Chandrajyoti•  Moon Light
Chandrakanta•  Beloved of the Moon; Moonstone
Chandrakanti•  Moon Light
Chandrakiran•  Rays of Moon
Chandralekha•  The Phase of Moon Two Nights After New Moon; Ray of Moon
Chandramathi•  As Beautiful as the Moon
Chandramukhi•  As Beautiful as the Moon
Chandravathi•  Lit by the Moon
Charukeshini•  One with Beautiful Hair
Chitraangada•  Decorated with Wonderful Bracelets
Chitragandha•  A Fragrant Material
Chitrapushpi•  Variegated Blossom
Champakavathi•  Owner of Champak Trees
Chandrajyothi•  Moon Light
Chandralekhaa•  A Ray of Moon
Chandraleksha•  A Ray of the Moon
Chandramaalaa•  Garland of the Moon
Chandramukhee•  As Beautiful as Moon
Chandraprabha•  Star; Moon Light
Chandrapushpa•  Star
Chandrakaantaa•  As Lovely as the Moon
Chandramallika•  Queen of the Moon
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