India or Hindu Girls popular name start B1


Name•  Meaning
Bel•  Sacred Wood Apple Tree
Boo•  A Desert Plant
Baha•  Value; Price; Worth
Bahu•  Daughter-in-law
Baji•  Joyful
Baka•  Crane
Bala•  An Ever 9 Year Old Girl; A Young Girl
Bama•  A Old Monk; Brother of Rama
Bani•  Goddess Saraswati
Banu•  Lady; Flute; Instrument Played by Lord Krishna; Sun
Baya•  Weaver-bird
Bebe•  Lady of the House; Lady; Bringer of Joy
Bebu•  Little Cute Girl
Bela•  Evening Time; A Flower – Jasmine
Beli•  A Flower-jasmine
Benu•  Flute
Bess•  God is My Oath; Consecrated to God; Form of Elizabeth; God is Perfections
Beth•  God is My Oath; House of God; Form of Elizabeth; House; God’s Promise
Bhoo•  Earth
Bibi•  Lady; Woman; Full of Life; Lady of the House; Alive; Foregin Woman
Biju•  Awesome
Bina•  A Musical Instrument
Binu•  tell us about your name meaning
Bisa•  Greatly Loved; Water; Snow
Bita•  Unique; Beautiful
Bora•  Snow; Excellent; Brave
Bryn•  Strong; Vigilant; Honored
Buji•  A Nick Loving Name
Bula•  A Nose Ring
Baaji•  Game
Baala•  A Young Girl
Baani•  Earth
Babay•  Small Kid
Badra•  Full Moon
Badri•  Full Moon
Baebi•  Baby; Barbie Girl
Bagya•  Luck
Bahar•  Spring (season); Prime (of Life); Bloom (of Youth)
Bakul•  The Name of a Flower
Balaa•  Force; Power; Energy
Bambi•  Female Baby; Child
Banan•  Finger Tips; Delicate
Banhi•  Fire
Banht•  tell us about your name meaning
Banni•  Maiden
Banou•  Lady
Bansi•  Whistle; Flute; Melodious
Baran•  Rain
Basil•  Royal; Kingly; The Great
Basma•  A Smile
Batuk•  Small
Batul•  Ascetic Virgin; Virgin
Bawri•  Madness; Loving Like Mad; Cant Leave without Love
Beata•  Blessed
Becky•  The Ensnarer
Beeja•  tell us about your name meaning
Beena•  A Musical Instrument; Seeing; Clear Sighted
Bella•  Beautiful
Belle•  Beautiful
Belli•  A Companion
Belma•  Husband
Berta•  Famous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or Glorious
Beryl•  A Jewel
Betsy•  God is My Oath; Form of Elizabeth; God’s Promise; God’s Witness
Betty•  Form of Elizabeth
Bevis•  Name of a Place
Bhama•  Prayer; Passionate; Famous; Loving
Bhani•  Hindu Goddess Name; Words
Bhanu•  Sun; Fame
Bhavi•  Emotional
Bhedi•  One who Gives Our Secrets
Bhima•  Powerful; Tremendous
Bhini•  Mild Fragrance
Bhomi•  Earth
Bhuma•  Goddess of Earth; Mother Earth
Bhumi•  Strong Big Heart; Earth
Bhusa•  Embellishment; Precious
Bhuti•  Well Being; Existence
Bhuvi•  Heaven
Bibha•  Ray; Light; Radiance
Bibin•  tell us about your name meaning
Bidya•  Knowledge
Bijal•  Lightening
Bijli•  Lightning; Bright
Bijul•  Flashes of Lightning
Bilpa•  tell us about your name meaning
Bilva•  Auspicious Fruit; Bael; A Sacred Leaf
Bilwa•  Holy Leaf Offered to Lord Shiva
Bimba•  Image; Mirror
Bimbi•  Glorious
Bimla•  Pure
Binal•  Princess
Bincy•  Someone who Will Make the Best of Ever
Bindi•  tell us about your name meaning
Bindu•  A Drop
Binni•  One Kind of Rice Grain
Binoy•  Vinayta; Softness
Binti•  Daughter
Birva•  Leaf
Birwa•  Belief
Bisma•  tell us about your name meaning
Bithi•  Bunch of Flower
Blair•  Dweller of the Plain
Bobby•  Strange; Bright Famous One
Bodhi•  Enlightenment
Boond•  Drop
Bosky•  tell us about your name meaning
Brija•  Seed
Briti•  Strength
Bubby•  My Beloved
Bundi•  Name of a Food
Bunny•  Good; Fair of Face; Charming; Cute Like Rabbit
Baalaa•  Child; Young
Babeta•  Little Girl
Babhru•  Reddish Brown Cow
Babita•  Born in the First Quarter of the Day
Badari•  Jujube Tree
Baduri•  Bravery
Bagiya•  Lucky
Bagula•  White Duck
Bagyam•  tell us about your name meaning
Bahati•  My Luck is Good; Luck or Be Lucky
Bahieh•  tell us about your name meaning
Bahuda•  Giving Much
Bahula•  A Star
Bahuli•  One who has Many Facets
Bakula•  Reassembling a Crane; Nagakeshar Flower; A Flower (fragrant Tiny White Flowers); Bakula is a Reputed Ayurvedic Drug; The Entire Parts of the Tree are Used for Preparing Herbal Medicines
Bakuli•  Resembles a Crane; Blossom
Balaja•  A Little Goddess
Balaji•  Lord Venkatesh
Balbir•  Mighty and Brave
Baldev•  The Mighty God
Balika•  Daughter
Balini•  Powerful
Balqis•  The Name of the Queen of Sheba
Balraj•  Mighty King
Bamini•  Beautiful
Banani•  Evergreen Forests
Baneet•  Polite
Banita•  Woman
Bansri•  Flute
Barani•  A Star; Nakshatra
Barkha•  Rain
Barlin•  Princesses
Barsha•  Rain
Barsin•  Clover
Baruna•  Wife of the Lord of the Sea
Baruni•  Goddess Durga
Basabi•  Wife of Lord Indra
Basant•  Spring Alive
Basila•  Feminine of Basil
Basmah•  A Smile

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