Ida name means Youthful or Labor

ida_pagenumber.001 Ida Local Origin of Name: English From the German name Ida Variant name of : Iida, Idella Ida is related related to the name of the Old Norse goddess Iðunn in Denmark Meaning:  ‘Youthful’ or ‘labor’ Emotional Spectrum . She is a fountain of joy for all. Personal Integrity . Her good name is her most precious asset. Personality . Happy-go-lucky, a fun loving person. Relationships . Long term friendships come easily to Ida. Travel & Leisure . Vacations are a time of special excitement for Ida. Career & Money . If money is not wasted in youth, she will handle it well as an adult. Life’s Opportunities . An abundant and happy life blesses this gifted person. Ida’s Lucky Numbers:14 . 10 . 52 . 29 . 42 . 9

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