Gwendolyn name means blessed or fair or White or ring


Gwendolyn Local Origin of Name: English From the Welsh name Gwendolen, , Gwendolen, Gwen, Gwenn Meaning: ‘Fair’, ‘blessed’ + ‘ring’. Blessed Ring Emotional Spectrum • Sometimes silly but never foolish! Personal Integrity • Her family taught her that honesty is her best asset. Personality • Sparkling personality. Relationships • A bond formed with her may last a lifetime. Travel & Leisure • Unplanned trips can be the most fun according to Gwendolyn. Career & Money • Her career will be the most rewarding part of her life. Life’s Opportunities • Although shy in the spotlight, fame is destined! Gwendolyn’s Lucky Numbers: 23 • 51 • 49 • 24 • 13 • 28 Created By

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