Gardner name means keeper of garden

gardnerGardner is a surname of English or Irish origin. Some sources claim that it is an occupational surname that comes from the word “gardener.” Other sources claim that it is derived from the Saxon words gar, meaning “a weapon”, and dyn’ meaning “sound or alarm”, combined with the termination “er.” Early variants included Gardyner, Gardener, Gardenar, Gardinier, Gardiner, and Gardner; the last two are the most common today- wikipedia Gardner Local Origin of Name: English From the name Gardner First and last name. Variant name of Gard, Gardiner Meaning: Keeper of Garden or Sound of Alarm Emotional Spectrum • Not easily pushed, he does have his limits. Personal Integrity • The makeup of him is moral greatness! Personality • Happy-go-lucky, a fun loving person. Relationships • Not an ‘open book’, it takes time to become his friend. Travel & Leisure • A fondness for the mountains will emerge. Career & Money • Investments made early keep Gardner comfortable in the golden years. Life’s Opportunities • Not everyone has the career opportunities of Gardner. ” God very often digs wells of joy with the spade of sorrow. ” Created By

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