Drusilla name means watered by the dew

drusilla_001 Drusilla name means watered by the dew Local Origin of Name: English From the Latin name Drusilla Meaning:   (Drusus), Watered by the dew. Act 24:24 or fruitable Emotional Spectrum .Work hard, play hard. Personal Integrity .A trusted individual by everyone. Personality .Modern Maverick. Relationships .If people were more like Drusilla, friends would  come easily. Travel & Leisure .Who better to travel with than Drusilla? Career & Money .A college education  would  help Drusilla  discover her dream. Life’s Opportunities .An abundant and happy life blesses this gifted  person. Drusilla’s Lucky Numbers: 56 .13 .14 .48 .41 .55 Please Review  Ethnic Origin name lists. If you can’t find name in here email to us. Please advise us about name meaning also. sung@nydob.com

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