Doherty name means Destroyer

doherty_pagenumber.001   Doherty name means Destroyer Local Origin of Name :Irish From the name Doherty, Kane Meaning: Destroyer in Battle. Irish Surname Emotional Spectrum . An emotional bond with Doherty is not taken lightly! Personal Integrity . His good name is his most precious asset. Personality . To make it short, Doherty is a good sport. Relationships . Doesn’t need much out of life but to be loved. Travel & Leisure . Eat, drink and be merry – play hard! Career & Money . Early career moves help form this natural leader. Life’s Opportunities . Early childhood opportunities in education will benefit him. Doherty’s Lucky Numbers: 53 .35 . 28 . 4 . 1 . 41 Please Visit Have a Good”>O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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