Colin name means victorious people

COLLIN_pagenumber.001 Colin Local Origin  of  Name:  English From the Greek name  Nicholas Variant name of : Cailean, Colan,  Cole, Colle, Colyn. Meaning: ‘Victorious people’ Emotional Spectrum  .He hides his  true feelings on occasion. Personal Integrity .He will tell  the truth even when it hurts. Personality .When  he  is not  talking, he  is laughing. Relationships .Some  of  Colin’s  friends are just like him. Travel & Leisure .Relaxing  is an art-form to him. Career & Money .A mentor will guide  him down his  career path. Life’s Opportunities .With the support of  many friends, he  will go far. Colin’s Lucky Numbers:53  .59  .1 .6 .57  .42  Collin Chou

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