Christian name means follow of Christ or Anointed

Cristin Local Origin of Name: Irish From the Greek name Christian Variant name of : Cristin,Cristian, Crista,Christian,Chrissy, Christa Cristino, Criston, Cristos, Cristy, Kit, Kris, Krister, Kristian, Kristo, Krystian Meaning: ‘Christos’ (‘anointed’) Emotional Spectrum . Cannot  hide happiness or sadness. Personal Integrity . His reputation is beyond reproach. Personality  . When he is not talking,  he is laughing. Relationships . The model for a best friend. Travel & Leisure . While his career is important, his hobby takes front seat! Career & Money . With the right education,  Cristin can write his own ticket. Life’s Opportunities . The entrepreneur spirit in him is strong. Cristin’s Lucky Numbers: 50 . 35 .51. 46 . 15 . 48

Christian Bale

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