Chinese name list in english


Bao- Precious
Bao-Yu – Precious jade
Bing Qing – Clear as ice
Bo- Precious
Cai- Wealth, money
Chan Juan- The moon
Chang- Free, smooth
Chen- Great
Cheng- Success
Chow- Summer
Chu-Hua- Chrysanthemum
Chun- Eternal spring
Chung- The wise one
Chyou- Autumn
Cong- Intelligent or clever
Da-Xia – Long summer
De – Virtue, Cheerful, needs clutter
Deshi – Virtuous and moral man
Dewei – Highly noble
Dingbang – Protects the country
Dishi – Man of virtue
Dong – East
Enlai- Appreciation
Fang- Changes like the wind, fragrant, wants to better the world
Fang Yin- Abundance, fragrant carpet of grass
Fen- Fragrant
Feng- Maple, Phoenix
Gan- Adventure
Ghalib- Winner
Guan-yin – The goddess of mercy
Hao- The good
He-Ping – Peace
Hua- Spectacular flower
Huan Yue- Joyful
Huang- Emperor
Huang-Fu – Rich future
Hui Ying- Bright
Ji – Continuity, order
Jia Li – Good and beautiful
Jiang Li – River beautiful
Jiao – Beautiful
Jiao – Long, a kind of dragon
Jie – Elder sister
Jin – Golden, gold, handsome
Jing – Crystal
Jing-Wei – Small bird
Ju-Long – Powerful, gigantic dragon
Juan – Beautiful, beloved son
Jun – Truthful, obedient, graceful
Kang – Health
Kong – Empty, hollow
Kuan-yin – Buddhist deity of mercy
Kun – Universe
Lee – Plum, sensitive, empathic
Lei – Flower bud, emotional, dependent
Li – Strong, family
Li Mei – Beautiful plum blossom
Li Ming – Beautiful and bright
Li Na – Beautiful and graceful
Li Qin – Beautiful stringed musical instrument
Li Rong – Beautiful lotus
Li Wei – Beautiful rose
Li-Hua – Pear blossom
Lian – Graceful willow, to join, connect with life
Liang – Kindness
Lien – Lotus, daughter of the sun
Lien-Hua – Lotus flower
Lin – Beautiful jade
Lin – Family name
Lin Yao – Beautiful Jade treasure
Ling – Sound of a bell, tinkling pieces of jade
Mee – Beautiful
Mei-Hua – Beautiful flower
Mei-Lien – Beautiful lotus
Mei-Xing – Beautiful Star
Mei-Zhen – Beautiful pearl
Min – Quick
Ming – Shining, dependent on dynasty
Ming Ue – Bright moon
Ming-Hoa – Shining and elite
Mingmei – Smart, beautiful
Niu – Girl
Park – Cypress tree
Piao – Handsome
Ping – Duckweed
Qi – Fine jade, distinguished
Qiao – Handsome or pretty
Qing Yuan – Clear spring
Qing-Nian – The younger generation
Quon – Bright
Rong – Lotus, beautiful
Shan – Coral
Shen – Spiritual, a deep thinker
Sheng – Victory
Sheng-Li – Victorious
Shing – Victory
Shu Fang – Kind, gentle and sweet
Shuang – Bright and clear
Sun – Bending, decreasing
Tao – Long life
Tremayne – House built with stones on a farm
Tung – Universal
Wei – Valuable, precious
Wen – Cultured, ornamental
Xi-Wang – Hope, wish, desire
Xia – Glow of the sunrise or sunset
Xia He – Summer lotus, pure, elegant
Xia He – Summer Lotus
Xiang – Fragrant
Xiao Chen – Early morning, dawn
Xiao Hong – Morning rainbow
Xiao Xing – Morning star
Xiao-Niao – Small bird
Xiaoping – Little bottle
Xin – Elegent, beautiful
Xin Qian – Happy and beautiful
Xing-Fu – Happiness
Xiu – Elegant
Xiu Juan – Elegant, beautiful
Xun – Fast
Yi – Appropriate, comfortable
Yin – Voice, loves music
Yin – Voice

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