Cassidy name means curly hared


Cassidy name means curly hared

Local Origin of Name: Irish
From the Gaelic name Cassidy, Kassidy
Cassidy is a given name derived from an Irish surname and ultimately from the Gaelic given name Caiside.

Meaning: Curly Haired

Emotional Spectrum . An emotional bond with Cassidy is not taken lightly!
Personal Integrity . A personal search for truth is the hallmark of Cassidy.
Personality . Uses her natural resilience to cope with life.
Relationships . It may take some time to get to know Cassidy.
Travel & Leisure . Summer sports are attractive to Cassidy.
Career & Money . She has a natural business sense, and will go far.
Life’s Opportunities . A naturally intelligent person, academia is her playground.
Cassidy’s Lucky Numbers: 53 .4 . 34 . 16 . 54 . 27

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