Bartalan name means Ploughman

bartalan Bartalan name means Ploughman Local Origin of Name: Hungarian From the name Bartalan, Bartholomew, Barta First and Last name. Occupational name. Meaning: Hill , Ploughman Emotional Spectrum • He is a fountain of joy for all. Personal Integrity • He will fight for his good name. Personality • Acts wisely and methodically. Relationships • Starts slowly, but a relationship with Bartalan builds over time. Travel & Leisure • Always on the go, Bartalan takes life in the fast lane. Career & Money • Work is an important part of his life. Life’s Opportunities • Only he holds the key to his happiness. ” Your church may point you to Heaven, but it cannot carry you there. ” Created By Please Visit Have a Good”>O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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