African name start with P and R


PasuaAfricanFBorn by cesarean sectionSwahili, East Africa
PiliAfricanFSecond bornSwahili, East Africa
RabiahAfricanFSpring breezeArabic, North Africa
RadhiyaAfricanFAgreeableSwahili, East Africa
RafikiAfricanMFriendSwahili, East Africa
RamilaAfricanFFortune tellerSwahili, East Africa
RanakoAfricanMHandsomeShona, Zimbabwe
RashidaAfricanFRighteousSwahili, East Africa
RashidiAfricanMRightly guidedSwahili, East Africa
RaziyaAfricanFAgreeableSwahili, East Africa
RehemaAfricanFCompassionateSwahili, East Africa
RudoAfricanMLoveShona, Zimbabwe
RufaroAfricanFHappinessShona, Zimbabwe
RukiyaAfricanFRising upSwahili, East Africa

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