Aba name means father of a Nation

aba_pagenumber.001-211x300 Aba name means father of a Nation Local Origin of Name: Turkey From the Ghanaian name Aba Meaning: Father, Father Of A Nation Emotional Spectrum .He can put on a good show and rise to the occasion. Personal Integrity .You would never make a mistake placing your faith in Aba. Personality . Born to have fun. Relationships .Few people could have a better friend than Aba. Travel & Leisure .Although he enjoys his home, far-away lands hold interest. Career & Money .The example of parents plays a major role in career choice. Life’s Opportunities .A lifetime of helping others is reward enough for Aba. Aba’s Lucky Numbers: 28 .25 .19 .36 .13 .38 Abba Eban Find out more name in our sites

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